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For me, August has begun very well: some very sunny but not-so-warm days, rain-soaked days, blue skies, blackish grey cloudy skies, …oh yes! And the ban on fishing at sea having been lifted up in Goa… Yay!! Nothing could be as good as this… so, the recipe after today’s one will certainly be a fish dish…

So guys, here is a recipe of one of my favourite foods- beef…it is one of my delicious cravings.

Fusion foods are some of the most amazing foods ever created, though earlier they were generally those foods which didn’t make any sense. I wouldn’t hesitate to call today’s recipe a fusion food too. I am saying this because of the ingredients I’ve used to prepare this very juicy, succulent beef recipe. It’s a blend of desi and western ingredients, Worcestershire sauce being British.

I would recommend a couple of teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce in most of the meat recipes you prepare. It makes the meat a very tangy yet juicy. And, I personally love it!

This is the story of how I ended up preparing this Desi-English Beef dish… few days ago my father bought a hell lot of beef undercut from Farmer’s Choice, Porvorim-Goa so that my mother could make beef assado, our all time favourite beef recipe at home. The 3-4 kilos beef chunks looked so tempting that I couldn’t resist it, so I made this fusion dish with one kilo from the mass.


Super simple, super tasty.


1 kg Beef undercut

3 tbsp Garlic- Ginger Paste

10 Cashew Nuts

1 cup Fresh Cream                                      mix it to make a SAUCE

4 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1 tsp Poppy Seeds or kus-kus

Salt and Pepper- as per requirement

Olive Oil

Bacon Rashers- for basting

Sweet Corn-on-Cob – boiled with salt and sugar

3 Potatoes- sliced, boiled with salt

Few French Beans/baby onions/ baby capsicums –blanched

Some cream

Crushed cashew nuts


Cut the beef into large slices and pierce it with a fork on both the sides only after washing the meat well. Apply salt, pepper and the sauce, and leave it to marinate for an hour or more.

Spread some olive oil on an oven tray and place the meat over it. Put the bacon rashers on top of it, which will help in basting and letting the meat roast well.

Set the temperature right and let it roast until the meat is done. You can also roast the boiled corn and blanched capsicum together with it.

Serve it hot along with some cream, nuts and veggies.


All you meat lovers out there, give this recipe a try and I betcha you wouldn’t regret your decision.


Bon Appétit!


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  1. querozito says:

    Cheers ! Looks delicious

    1. Thanks Zito! Much appreciated…😊

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