Plan an Easter meal on lockdown

Many of us are stuck with the question of how to celebrate Easter during the pandemic, while on a lockdown. This year Easter 2021 is going to be special for all of us in a very unique way. It is the second Easter that we all will be celebrating on a lockdown with just a few days away from freedom. But, we’ve got you covered! Plan an Easter meal on lockdown with us here at Delicious Cravings At Vania’s Kitchen.

Easter is important for us Catholics/Christians worldwide. This year won’t be the same but you can always celebrate with your extended family and friends by cooking similar dishes at your respective homes and by video-calling to enjoy your traditional Easter meals together.

Family meals at Easter time.

No matter if you don’t get enough groceries or cannot do a grocery run this Easter weekend, you can still have an amazing Easter by cooking some homemade comfort meals and enjoying its deliciousness with the ones you’re self-isolating.

Below are some of my favourite recipes which will help you lay an extraordinary spread this Easter Sunday 2021. I’ve created a wholesome Easter 2021 meal plan for you to try out and in turn create your very own Easter lockdown menu which will be kid-friendly and can be a frequent Easter family meals menu to create new Easter traditions.


You could start with some snacks or small bites but I would give it a pass as I’d want to enjoy the main meal to the fullest followed by some scrumptious dessert.

Spinach Caldo

The potato and leek soup could be a lighter snack option, a cup full is quite good to start with. Or maybe even a plain spinach caldo. Whichever you fancy or your family would like. Add this to the list when you begin planning your Easter lunch or dinner menus.

These recipes can help you kick off your Easter lunch or dinner in style. Get creative with whatever you’ve got at hand. You can create your own DIY soup/broth by having a mashed potato base and any other veggies incorporated in it. I personally like to use a tastemaker like Maggi cubes or Knorr stockpots to enhance my soups and broths.



I’m personally quite fond of rice and would always enjoy a nice pulao for an important festival, occasion or day. So, I’ve got various options you can choose from for your Easter meal at home.

I normally stick to my mum’s garlic pulao recipe, which according to me is the best. If you haven’t tried it out yet please make sure to do as you’re in for a blast of flavour in your mouth. You can also try the tangy masala pulao if you want to level up your spice game.

Arroz de Chouriço

Pulao can also contain meats or even some fish or prawn. So, if you’re a non-veg lover or if you’ve omitted meats from your diet for the whole of the Lenten season then definitely eat all the possible meat dishes you can and add some to your pulao recipes too.

Try out this Goan sausage pulao. It is always a hit. If you’re feeling ‘chicken/poultry’ then you could cook up some nice chicken pulao. There are two ways you can make that chicken pulao and the process is listed here. Maybe even go in for some nice chicken biryani with raita and serve it all in your most fancy crockery to give that extra added personal touch to your Easter meal.

If you’d like some fried rice then try out this Smoked Lardon and Cabbage fried rice recipe.


Some of us love pasta all day, every day! So, why just miss out on Easter Sunday while on a lockdown? Isn’t it better to have comforting Easter foods to please all your family members? Try out these varieties of pasta recipes to include in your meal plan for this self-isolating Easter Sunday.



Various dishes like some Goan Sorpotel with sanna, Chicken Cafreal, Veg or Non-Veg Xacuti, etc. are normally included in a traditional Easter meal menu back in Goa.

I’ve got some of these recipe here for you but with my own comfort food twist to it.

Chicken is one of my favourite proteins. Try out this amazingly simple Goan chicken curry and serve it with plain rice if you’d like to have a simple meal. A much more festive chicken gravy would be a traditional chicken xacuti made the quicker and nontraditional way. It is always a hit and will be the perfect chicken gravy for these Easter family meals on a lockdown.

Beef mince pie

If you’d just want some fish included or as a gravy dish then try out the Ambot Tik recipe. You can also prepare any seafood recipe using this Recheado masala. Also, try cooking some fish in this vindaloo paste and you’ll definitely be a fan. Also, try out some spice pastes from Goana foods.

Normally, Cafreal is always associated with chicken but why not make some beef cafreal this time?

For pork lovers, I’ve got this Sorpotel recipe made with offals and also this traditional Goan Sorpotel recipe which even tastes amazing with plain bread or naan.

Another comforting food favourite I always tend to add to my Easter meal menu plans is this super comforting beef mince pie with juicy beef mince and pork Goan sausage filling and some crispy, cheesy potato mash on top.


Lamb is so boujee but if you’ve got your hands on some during this lockdown then try out this succulent lamb ribs in red wine recipe. It is just so juicy and always a winner! Also, use this recipe to perfectly roast a leg of lamb. I highly recommend this recipe too because of the infusion of garlic and rosemary.

For all, you roast chicken lover, try out this super flavourful and well balanced Roasted Harissa Chicken.

Pan grilled chicken with a cucumber yoghurt dip

Another unique and mind-blowing recipe is that of the chicken country captain. A must try and a real hit amongst my folks.

This pan-grilled chicken with a cucumber yoghurt dip is another excellent recipe to try out for your Easter special meal.


Let us begin with this festive salad, perfect for Easter as it is full of the spring special veggies and fruits.

Some other veggies to included as side dishes are:

Mushroom chilli fry

However, if you’ve got some prawns then do try out this spicy prawn chilli fry. It goes amazingly well as a side with the chicken coconut curry and plain rice.


If you’d like some cake and do not want to stick to tradition and make a carrot cake then do try out this orange polenta cake or even this moist chocolate and banana cake.

Nutty orange polenta cake

An apple pie would be perfect too! or maybe even some rice pudding or bread pudding

Also try out these recipe below:

Get to planning and executing for an amazing Easter lunch or dinner menu or spread for this Easter 2021. Let this be a special Easter Sunday.

So even if Easter plans are low key this year, you can still have a nice meal and enjoy Easter with your family, partner, kids, flatmates, friends you live with or even your landlord or landlady. Just have a good and blessed Easter with the hope that things will eventually get better with time. We are in this together! This too shall pass!


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