Raw Mango Chutney

This raw mango chutney has the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy to it. It can be eaten as a relish. It is the perfect accompaniment to your rice meals. Other options with which you can enjoy this chutney is uttapam, inside a vada pav, inside wraps, etc. You can also enjoy it with hot chapatis or pita bread.

This recipe is not a pickle recipe. However, I’m glad I can share it with you all as part of #thehomemadepickleseries. This recipe is another of my mum-in-laws gem traditional homemade recipes. She uses her homemade vinegar to make it. I hope y’all have learnt how to make toddy vinegar at home.

Homemade Raw Mango Chutney

A little history about Chutneys

According to me, there are two types of chutneys. One which is normally made and eaten fresh or the second type which is cooked and made as a preserve…

Chutney is a savoury preserve made of fruits or veggies or sometimes even both together. Fruits or veggies are generally cooked in vinegar. Sugar and spices are added to it, until it has the consistency of jam. Sometimes, these chutneys have recognisable pieces of the fruits or veggies used as ingredients which are softened on cooking. It has a syrupy spiced gravy that is formed which coats all the ingredients well. Chutneys can generally be stored well and preserved for months together.

There are fresh chutneys too which are prepared by grinding veggies and herbs or even fruits together. A good example of this is the fresh coriander chutney we all love. These chutneys are not preserves, but are prepared specifically as an accompaniment to particular dishes or as an appetizer. These are generally consumed fresh. My mum-in-law makes amazing chutney sandwiches too. She uses coriander chutney for it. I recall of this house helper, more of like a family member to us called Norbert. She used to make amazing coriander chutney too. Another of her special dishes was shellfish (tisreo) with grated coconut. Her secret ingredient to this dish was jaggrey. She’s no more but this taste of her signature dish still lingers in my memories.

Chutneys use different flavourings like onions, garlic, ginger, dried fruits, sugar, salt, and also spices like cinnamon. You can add whatever flavour suits you and your taste buds.

Chutneys which are made as preserves require long slow cooking normally in a heavy bottom pan.

The raw mango chutney

Freshly made raw mango chutney

This raw mango chutney has the perfect contrasting flavour and goes amazingly well with savoury dishes. I love eating it plain too, like a spoonful is quite indulgent. This delicious treat guys, is no exception. Definitely a must try recipe. Another positive about this recipe is that it is simple, inexpensive and easy to make.

Raw Mango Chutney

Vania Cotta
A savoury sweetish, sour and spicy raw mango relish made by slow cooking the raw mango in spiced vinegar.
Prep Time 1 d 15 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Total Time 1 d 1 hr
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Goan, Indian
Servings 1 medium sized bottle


Prepping the raw mangoes

  • 10 nos Raw mangoes
  • Salt to taste

Cooking the chutney

  • 200 ml Vinegar
  • 1 ½ inch Ginger
  • 10-15 nos Garlic Cloves
  • 2 tbsp Red Chilli powder as per preference
  • Sugar to taste


  • Peel the raw mangoes, slice them and keep the seeds aside. The seeds can be discarded. Finely chop the mango flesh into small cubes.
  • Salt it well and keep it for a day to marinate.
  • Finely chopped ginger and garlic and keep aside.
  • In a heavy bottom pan, boil some vinegar with the chopped ginger and garlic, chilli powder and sugar for about 5 mins.
  • Next add the raw mango and cook on a low flame until the gravy thickens and the mango is cooked and soft to eat.
  • Check for taste and add more sugar or salt if required. You can also add more chilli powder if you like it spicy.
  • Once ready, bottle it up and enjoy with some nice hot chapatis or papad.


  • The raw mango seeds can be used in curries for that extra tangy flavour. I prefer them with some nice Goan Prawn Curry. These can even be dried and stored to use for any food preparations later. 
  • If you salt the raw mango pieces today morning, you can cook the chutney the next morning so it has enough time to marinate. 
  • If stored in a cool place or refrigerated, this chutney can be eaten for months. 
  • I used homemade toddy vinegar for this recipe but you can use any vinegar of your choice. 
  • I’ve used Kashmiri red chilli powder for this recipe because it is one of those red chilli powders which aren’t too spicy but gives a nice deep red colour to any dish. 
  • The ingredients can be adjusted according to ones preference. It is better to eyeball these ingredients according to personal choice. 
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I think you could even have a dollop of this chutney with crackers. Do y’all fancy something like that? Comment down below and let me know. I would love to know your preferences too.

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