I know that I have delayed this post for a very long time, but Mackerels stuffed with red masala is my all time favourite of Goan flavours mixed into one dish. And, I am so sure that it is one of the favourites of all you Goan folks wherever you may be. Those not from Goan, I am sure y’all will love it too.

This stuffed and fried beauty is so flavourful and spicy that one can never resist it and certainly not when you’ve got a nice bowl of hot rice with some Goan prawn curry as an accompaniment.

This is certainly one of my delicious cravings and I can even gorge on three of these together…just love them so much.


So, here is the recipe and I am sure y’all will love it too.


6 mackerels

Clean and wash the fish well. Remove the heads, fins and entrails. Slit the fish on either side from head to tail keeping the central bone or if desired removing it allowing a bit of the tail bone to remain. Apply a little salt and pepper, and keep it aside.

Grind in vinegar:

12 dry red chillies

8 peppercorns

12 flakes of garlic

¼ tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp coriander seeds

¼ inch piece of turmeric

½ tsp sugar

a small ball (marble-size) of tamarind

a pinch or two of salt

Stuff this masala into each mackerel very evenly on either side of the central bone and fry it in hot oil.

Sprinkle some lemon juice on all the fried mackerels.


You can also grind the above spices and condiments in large quantities along with some vinegar and store it in an air-tight container for days together or even refrigerate it.

This red masala can be used for a variety of other recipes.

Serve the fried mackerels with some nice green salad.


Enjoy this flavourful and spicy fried fish.

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