Succulent Lamb Ribs in Red Wine

​Hello folks, what are y’all upto this weekend? 

As for me, I can finally start working again (that was a really long break)… So, I am job hunting, trying out more recipes, planning for my future blog posts, and preparing for a cake order I’ve got… that’s what my near future looks like… 

Today,  I am back with another special ‘Weekend Chef’s recipe’… It’s another of his loves found at Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is known for freshly brewed beer(check out the Heineken Experience incase your visiting the place), proffertjes (tiny version of fluffy pancake bites) and the ultimate racks of ribs (to name a few of the food and beverage favourites of the Dutch).

So, during his recent short vacay to Amsterdam Betney tried out these amazing beef ribs… 

As quoted by him, “After exploring Amsterdam on the first day, I returned back to the hotel exhausted and hungry. It was late. I checked the menu and wasn’t too happy about everything on it. So, I decided to inquire with the chef about what was special for that day…” 

The chef asked him if he was new to the place, to which he agreed. So, he asked him to try out beef ribs which were also the specialty of that day. He informed him that if he didn’t taste any well grilled or roasted or braised ribs in Amsterdam then it’s like he’s brought gold while diamonds were sold at the same price. 😆

He ordered for the ribs. The quantity wasn’t much yet the quality was to die for. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender which left him in awe. 

The next day, he decided to explore further and was on a quest to taste locally made ribs. 

He found this cosy cafe called Satellite Sportscafé in the heart of Amsterdam. They served a variety of meats. He had Spareribs which were served with a buttery large Jacket potato, some sweet chilli sauce and a mixed salad. 

This meat was well cooked in a smoky barbecue sauce. The meat could be easily removed from the bone. So, that’s when Meytek(what we fondly call him) decided to try out his own version of ribs as soon as he was back to London. 

He calls this he’s Asian version of ribs roasted in red wine. The red wine further tenderises the meat, thus flavouring it immensely. 

He used lamb spareribs for this recipe. The ribs were so meaty, juicy and crispy at the ends. That’s one of the best things I’ve tasted Meytek make, besides his famous Chicken Biryani. 

These delectable racks of ribs are fun to make without any hassle. They are flavoursome and it’s a worthy tasting recipe. These ribs can be served as a starter or a main dish served with fries, or jacket potatoes or even mashed potatoes. A side salad or some boiled veggies wouldn’t be too bad. 

Lamb Spareribs are cuts of the lamb breast primal which generally come in large pieces. These ribs contain more bones and fat than meat. They are mainly prepared by simmering or braising in a flavoured  and well seasoned gravy (here we used Red wine). They are either roasted in the oven, grilled or barbecued. 

These ribs have to be marinated for upto 8 hours or even better overnight before cooking to bring out the flavour and tenderness of the meat. A perfect marinate adds a lot of moisture to oven baked ribs without compromising on the flavour. 

Do not forget to brown the meat well on both sides in a pan before roasting it in the oven. Also, these ribs hardly need any extra oil or fat while cooking. Browning it in a pan will also help the fat to ooze out thus cooking the meat even better. 

He first made slits on the meat with a sharp knife. This helps the flavours to sip in the meat. 

This recipe allows you to cook 1kg of Lamb Ribs. For the marination, use one finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, freshly pounded few of garlic cloves, half an inch ginger and one chilli paste, 2tbsp Garam Masala or mixed whole spice powder, a dash of Soya sauce and a light drizzle of red wine. Heat a pan, add a some butter, few crushed garlic pods, some tomato purée…sauté it well for a minute or two. Add half a bottle of red wine. Set the mixture aside. 

In a baking dish, first place the pan fried ribs and then pour this mixture over. Cover it with a foil and let it roast in the oven at 220’C until the meat starts separating from the bones. This should take about half an hour to 45 mins. Remove the foil from the top and turn the rack on the other side. Leave it in the oven for another 15mins until all the wine mixture has dried out. 

You can have this by itself (which I prefer) or you can accompany it with either some Nando’s sauce or some Dorritos sauce(as recommended by the weekend Chef,Betney aka Meytek). 

I would certainly go back to this recipe from time to time because it is that amazing. I can definitely call this my delicious craving. Do try it out and make it yours too… 

Bon Appetite! 

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