Welcome to the Fall season!

Hello October!

Yay to cozy fall days! The fall season is here to stay! The weather is such a hot topic in the UK at all times. Talking to strangers can be easily facilitated just by talking about the weather. It’s definitely an ice-breaker.

Anyway, It’s fall already! 1st week of October too! Gosh! This year has just gone like a breeze. Christmas is just a couple of months away. I heard that John Lewis has already put out amazing Christmas stuff…Maybe, if I get a chance I’ll pop in sometime soon.

Is it too soon to prepare for Christmas? I’m so tempted to decorate the place with all Christmas 🎄 things but Nigel is such a spoil sport. He begs to differ. According to him, it’s too soon. What do y’all think? Do leave a comment down below and let me know…

Rainy Autumn Day


It’s the amazing season for cozy lattes, delicious pies, warm baked goods, pumpkin 🎃 spice and everything nice- Hot soups and comforting broths included…

This is the perfect season for this blog too as Delicious Cravings At Vania’s Kitchen is all about home-cooked comfort food.

I personally love this kind of weather: not hot at all and the cold isn’t unbearable. This weather is so apt for roasting veggies and roots. You can also make yummy crockpot recipes and slow-cooked dinners and call it a night!

Bacalhau com nata-salted cod fish bake
Yellow, orange, brown, cream kind of weather

Besides that, on another note: it is just so difficult these days, early in the morning to jump out of bed. It’s the perfect weather to tuck yourself all nice and cozy in bed, and just laze around and relax… Reminds me of the song by Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song.

Cinnamon buns, turmeric lattes or simply haldi milk as we Indians know it 🥛, hot chocolate, and mocha too are my favourites mainly during the next few months- so this fall season and the coming winter time too.

Autumn is here! Colourful foliage…


  1. Overnight Oats
  2. Beef Cafreal
  3. Dal with potatoes and carrots
  4. Smoked Lardon & Cabbage Fried rice
  5. Mince with potatoes and peas
  6. Chicken Pulao
  7. Chicken Xacuti
  8. Rice Kheer
  9. Mince Pies (Sweet)
  10. Apple Pickle
  11. Lamb ribs in red wine
  12. Orange Scones
  13. Gingersnap Cookies
  14. Roasted Harissa Chicken
  15. Bread Pudding
  16. Chicken Country Captain
  17. Tangy Masala Pulao
  18. Goan sausage Pulao
  19. Homemade grape wine
  20. Prawn Balchao
Season for some nice Port wine from Portugal


Apparently, countries in which the autumn season is just beginning-like the United Kingdom, it is the perfect season to make homemade pickles and chutneys. You can go wild with your imagination while making pickles and chutneys; and experiment with the fresh produce available. However, make sure a proper balance of ingredients is maintained. Make sure you use the best quality of ingredients like vinegar and salt, use fresh fruits and veggies and make sure your spices are freshly bought too.

While trying out any new pickle and chutney recipe this season,first try making a small batch. Check and see if your family or friends like it and then move on to master the recipe before you made a bigger batch.

All chutney tastes more spicy when it is freshly made and after a few days the spicy taste mellows down.

Tip to remember
Slow cooked Mutton Curry

So, let us carve out our pumpkins right in time for Halloween and carve our turkeys for thanksgiving and enjoy this autumnal weather.

Do comment down below and let me know what’s your plan this fall? Or for those away in India- how are y’all preparing for Diwali?

Also, do not forget to share your fall pictures on Instagram with me to get featured… Use the hashtag #deliciouscravingsatvaniaskitchen

Happy Fall y’all!

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