Friendship Day Special- Tangy Masala Pulao

Mumbai… Pav Bhaji at Sardar’s or the hostel or the Sophia College Canteen…my friends and their love for VEG food…Hogging… Dosa-wala down the Sophia’s lane…Café Mondegar in Colaba with the NON-VEG goodies…or our so Indian-ised veg masala burgers treats at McDs… eating from each others tasty Tiffin boxes… cooking in the hostel or at certain…

An “Arroz de Chouriço” meal

I grew up hearing the Konkani phrase Agxikar Chouriçokar which also means a person from Agassaim is a sausage seller (lover). Once upon a time, people from far and near used to come to Agassaim specially to buy these delicious and flavourful sausages which would be sold from some households in Agassaim and which looked like a long rosary in appearance.