I’m going to fight!

Hello my dearies,

I hope y’all are well!!

I’m going to take this slow. Today, I’m going to write all about my thoughts and feelings. Hear me out.


On 7th May 2021, I joined millions of others living with Type 2 Diabetes. I got diagnosed after quite a few blood tests and other tests. It took me so long to come to terms with this reality. I am diabetic. It’s my new truth.

Loving food, I initially thought my life was over. I thought that was it. I can’t do anything about this. Everything I read about diabetes made me feel worse and mentally I felt the lowest ever. Normally, I wouldn’t let things like these get to me but this truly broke me. For weeks before 7th May, my body kept telling me something was wrong. But me being me, I just ignored the first few strong symptoms I had.

Today, I’m glad I took the initiative to get a blood test done. I have a fear of needles. I start shaking whenever I have to get a blood test done. I’m scared of it. Getting these tests done wasn’t easy. The glucometer is now my companion. However, there are days when it’s my ultimate enemy.

What does living with diabetes mean for my cooking?

I’ve made up my mind, I can feed the world anything from sugars to carbs but those aren’t too good for me. So, henceforth my recipes on this blog are going to be a mix of both. There will be diabetes-friendly recipes and so many others too.

It took me months to realise and internalise the fact that I don’t have to give up my passion for cooking or baking and feeding the world just because I have a lifestyle disease. I took a break from everything. I isolated myself. I hadn’t called home for many days too. I just wanted time to come to terms with the new change. There were days when I wanted to stop blogging altogether. But, I’m glad I took the time off. It gave me time to wrap my head around everything and think more clearly.

First dealing with the news

I had various phases as part of first dealing with this diseases. I had a major phase of mourning because I felt like a failure but now I’m gradually and slowly learning to live with this new change. I’m more comfortable with the new lifestyle change.

I started by giving my body a shock for the first few weeks. I didn’t eat any carbs, just veg, meat and fish but that wasn’t a sustainable change. I couldn’t keep up with it. Mentally I felt at my lowest.

Being a cake decorator too and having planned for some amazing things in the future, I felt blocked and broken. I’m in my healing process at the moment. I am taking it slow.

One tip I could give anyone who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes is that contact your GP or diabetes nurse with whatever questions you have. They are here to help you. Do your research too but don’t let it overwhelm you.

Try and join some groups for support because there is nothing like taking the support of others in your recovery journey.

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I’ll talk much more about this disease and everything that comes with it in my future blog posts but for now this is all I can say. I am happy to let you all know that I am positive that I will recover from this.

I would like y’all to leave comment below to motivate me and also let me know if you suffer from some lifestyle disease too.

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  1. I know how you feel.

    I have Type 2 diabetes as well.

    1. It’s nice knowing I’m not alone! We got this!! ♥️

  2. Anonymous says:

    That just endorses you are a sweet person!😘
    No pun intended…

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